What would you say if you were told you could transform your exhibition area with a professional and current solution that gave it parity to the rest of your event and didn’t cost you or the exhibitor any more investment?….

Would you take the time to understand how it could benefit all parties?

Usually, when event planning commences, a budget is allocated to the event; with the lions share for operational costs such as venue hire, F&B and entertainment. Then, money is allocated to the production side, which could include speaker costs and AV. Further allocation is made for securing delegates and sponsors, but rarely is money spent on ensuring there is parity for the exhibition area. Consequently this can more than often mean that the exhibition element looks at odds with the rest of your perfectly executed event.

Why would you want that to diminish the overall quality of your event?

Often, exhibitors themselves are left to bring their own materials to showcase their brand/product. Whilst some make an effort, others find it stressful and don’t know where to start in terms of utilising the exhibit space to support their promotional activities. More often than not, their pop-up stand is dragged across country or couriered to the venue (where it can sometimes be misplaced, causing further headaches for both exhibitor and organiser), so it can sit behind a collateral-littered table and chairs or in front of an unengaging shell scheme – neither of which suggest you’re ready for business.

Also consider what happens if your exhibitor turns up late and starts setting up in front of delegates or if they decide to break their stand down early (despite your protests) and make your exhibit space look like a dog’s dinner. You want your event and the exhibit area to have a WOW-factor right?

We believe that the days of shell schemes and table tops are numbered for the smart organiser. Let’s face it, they’re uninspiring and not very modern/forward thinking.

If you run conferences and events that have a mini exhibition or exhibiting sponsorship tiers then utilising a turnkey exhibition package solution for your event could save you significant pain!

A turnkey package:

  • Saves time for your Operations Team to work on other key deliverables
  • Ensures sponsors understand the Total Cost of Participation (T.C.P) from the get go
  • Offers the exhibitor a “turn up-and-go” solution with up-to-date audience specific messaging
  • Generates additional revenue with bolt-on and upgrade options
  • Allows you to fit more sponsors with space efficient layouts
  • Delivers your event with a smart environment to support people who want to do business
  • Maintains happier sponsors and delegates who will continue doing business with you

Now is the time to revolutionise your exhibit spaces and consider a turnkey solution and ensure your conference has every element you are proud of!

To learn more visit www.conferenceexpo.com/organiser-benefits