Ah, 2018. Or as it will go down in history, the year of Southgate. And some other stuff happened too, but we were too busy clearing our inboxes of GDPR ‘permission to stay in touch’ emails, trying to manage adulating in a heatwave and watching The Bodyguard to understand the finer points of why KFC had run out of chicken.

Anyway, on another note – at Noodle Live, we also continued to publish some awesome content about the world of event tech. Missed our regular posts? Don’t worry. We’ve rounded up some of the most popular articles so that you can get back up to speed.


10 Awesome Uses of RFID

Written in 2016 but still one of our most read articles! Interested in how RFID is being used to enhance events and live experiences? We’ve rounded up some of the inventive ways that radio frequency identification technology can be used to enhance the delegate experience, from Budweiser’s intelligent drinks cups to messages of support for marathon runners. Get some inspiration for your next event and see how RFID tech can help to personalise the delegate experience.


8 Alternative Ideas for Conference and Exhibition Name Badges

Want to get a bit inventive at your next event? Check out these cool ideas for conference and exhibition name badges to get your delegates smiling. From scrabble letters to wooden badges – #EventProfs have created some pretty awesome designs over the years. Here are our top 8.


10 Cool Things We’ve Done With RFID For Events

You’ve seen what other people have done with RFID, but we’ve also done some pretty cool things for #EventProfs using RFID (even if we do say so ourselves). From personalised welcome messages to table plans and helping people find their seat, check out our rundown of the coolest ways we’ve helped to make live events run smoothly.


Why Do People Attend Events?

Ever wondered why it is that people get off their sofa and head out to live events? What motivates people to head off to a trade show or conference, and what can you do to make your event stand out. We look at the main reasons why people choose to attend IRL.


10 New Ideas for Using Event Apps

Think you understand everything there is to know about event apps? Time to think again. Event apps have been changing rapidly over the last few years and there are now loads of cool new features and possibilities to be aware of. Did you know that you can now add augmented reality to your event app? Or create digital help desks for specific delegate needs? Yup. It’s a brave new world out there #EventProfs.

Data For #EventProfs eBook

Some cosy bedtime reading for event organisers. Well, ok, maybe not, but we’ve tried to make the topic of data collection as entertaining as possible in our first ever eBook. We think you’ll agree, there are some pretty big lols in the chapter on demonstrating ROI and competing with other marketing channels. Or maybe that’s just us.


What Should I Take to An Exhibition

Another one straight from the vaults! Our quick guide to what you need to pack when heading to an exhibition. There’s a lot to remember, so use our handy checklist to make sure you’re on top of the packing.

Event Technology Trends to Watch in 2018

Need to know about the latest tech trends and buzz words? We’ve got you covered. Geeking up on the latest tech is pretty much our main pastime, so let us guide you through the chaotic world of tech innovation.


Ideas for Using NFC Smart Posters

NFC smart posters are here. Wondering what they are and how you can use them at your event? Here are some cool ideas for bringing the internet of things to your venue.

GDPR Made Simple

2018 was the year of GDPR and we all went consent crazy when it came to marketing campaigns. But if you still need a bit of clarity on what it all means for the event industry, take a look at our quick and easy rundown of everything you need to know to have a defensible position under the new regulations.


Clemi Hardie, Head Of Pencils, Noodle Live