Catherine Logan
Regional Vice President for EMEA , GBTA

In what ways has your role as an association changed since March 2020?

Pre-Covid the majority of our activity was live events related for those in the business travel industry. Our sector has been hugely impacted by the pandemic with business travel levels truly decimated – we have responded by advocating strongly on behalf of the industry for a safe return to travel; provided members with extensive online education to guide them through a time when the rule book has been torn up and personal development support and financial breaks to help those impacted professionally. There is no more important time for an association to step up, guide and support its member that a crisis like this.


What will you be looking for in a winning entry? What will make it stand out for you and differentiate it from the rest?

In a world of free content associations need to differentiate themselves by being laser focused on delivering member value in innovative ways with a not for profit budget – that’s what I am looking for.


Catherine Logan is a judge at the 2021 Association Excellence Awards – visit the website for more information on how to enter and gain recognition for your and your organisation’s successes, efforts and achievements.