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Author: Louisa

A Judge’s Verdict: Phil James, CEO of the Institute of Leadership & Management

The Association Excellence Awards are brilliant for shining a light on great ideas, practices and achievements, providing inspiration and motivation to anyone working in the sector. They’re a way of really galvanizing the collaborative spirit that we attempt to engender for our own body of members and remind us that we’re part of something bigger and more vital to society than we sometimes realise. I’m really looking forward to playing my part in judging this year’s entries.

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Awards Awards 2019 Champions Announced

‘As awards and events organisers ourselves we appreciate fully how much work and effort and planning and determination need to go in to pull off a successful Awards or fundraising event. We were delighted that so many examples from so many different sectors were on display in the shortlist. It was a wonderful occasion and a fabulous chance to recognise and celebrate the expertise, hard work and creativity that goes into making a successful Awards Event. We would like to thank all of our fantastic array of entrants and also all our judges, who have taken time out of their busy day jobs to lend us their expertise and wisdom.’

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